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Destiny Baccarat

This is a review of Destiny Baccarat which is an interactive version of Baccarat a fast-paced card game that enables you to play live baccarat online. Chinese people are really passionate about it and in the past, it is accounted for more than 91% of Macau’s casino income.

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Destiny Baccarat has been developed by Casino Game Maker, a company that has been in the business of creating innovative online casino products for three years. It is an interactive card game in which players are in control more so than in the regular game of Baccarat. The casino card game is fast-paced and provides players with many and quick gambling opportunities, as well as the possibility to play live baccarat online. It has been described by some as a game of luck but Online Destiny Baccarat has added a skill element. Players are still vulnerable to the turn of a card which is down to luck and no measure of skill.

Baccarat Casino Rules

If you want to learn how to play baccarat like a pro, read the baccarat casino rules listed here. Baccarat is a casino table game that is played all around the world in bricks and mortar casinos and online. Every internet based gaming site with a casino or live casino offers Baccarat to its customers and the game has a global appeal. One of its attractions is simplicity and the easy baccarat casino rules which mean there is not a huge learning process before the game can be played for real money. Even inexperienced card players can pick up the fundamentals of the game and can begin to play quickly.

However, Chinese gamblers are the most passionate Baccarat players in the world. For some it can almost be a spiritual experience and players praying for a good hand are often seen in Chinese locations where the game is played. The Chinese are superstitious and players perform rituals to get a good card and fend off a bad hand. Historical data also shows the level of interest for Baccarat in China. The country is passionate about the game so Casino Game Maker has been wise by making the game available in the English and Chinese markets.

baccarat casino rules

Macau is a Mecca for Chinese gamblers and prior to a gaming slump and crackdown 91% of Macau’s casino business was for Baccarat. Some wealthy Chinese gamblers travel to Las Vegas to play casino games such as Baccarat. Casino Game Maker has developed a product to encourage traditional Chinese players to play Baccarat. Rules and strategies that apply to the regular card game also apply to Destiny Baccarat. There is a certain level of skill required to consistently win money playing Baccarat.

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Gambling has been legal in Macau since the 1850s and for the first time in 2007 stakes were greater than in Las Vegas. Baccarat is the most popular table game in the land based casinos in Macau. It is this passion and interest in the game that has prompted Casino Game Maker to develop Destiny Baccarat. Gambling tourism is Macau’s biggest source of revenue and it is a popular gambling location for Chinese nationals from mainland China and Hong Kong.

Overseas operators from Australia and Las Vegas have moved into the Macau casino market. They introduced Western-style casino games and up until then only Chinese games were played. Macau does not license online gaming operators but the local industry offers casino games, greyhound racing, sports betting and lotteries. The territory is the only place in China where casinos are allowed and the business has grown at a fast rate. Macau has been called “Monte Carlo of the Orient” and the local economy is heavily reliant on gambling. However, the gambling business is dependent on the prosperity of the places from where gamblers visit and a crackdown on corruption in China has had a negative impact on revenue.

Chinese Gaming Industry

Destiny Baccarat from Casino Game Maker has been designed with the Chinese gaming industry in mind. Bettors are passionate about Baccarat which is a key element of gambling in the country. It is in the temperament of people born in China to gamble and betting per head in the country is one of the highest in the world. In the past the industry was dominated by traditional Chinese games but Western influence has led to table games invented in different countries to now be played in China. Corruption is an issue and some governments have instigated a crackdown that has had a negative affect on gambling in Macau.

Online gaming in China is a massive growth area. There are more than 450 million internet users in China and two-thirds of that total is involved in some form of online gaming. The typical profile of an internet bettor is a young male person living near or in a major city. China is now the world’s largest online gaming market and the growth in stakes over the last ten years has been phenomenal. Some of the largest gaming companies in the world are based in China and the country is developing and acquiring popular games. Casino Game Maker are looking to benefit from gambling trends and interests in China with the development of Destiny Baccarat.

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There have been a number of studies of gaming in China and the government has played an active part in regulating and controlling the industry. Gambling is susceptible to addictive behaviour so there are social implications associated with problem gambling. A review paper has provided an overview of the development of the Chinese gaming industry and the key findings are listed below:

  • A rapidly growing industry due to innovation
  • Government working with companies to promote growth
  • Gaming resembles other technology-based activities
  • PC and mobile devices used for gambling
  • Success in developing new gaming technologies
  • The industry now dominated by domestic operators

There are opportunities for multinational companies and domestic companies but there are risks associated with China’s unique institutions. There is demand for gaming products in China that can be met by Chinese companies or investment from overseas, such as Casino Game Maker. An example of investing in China is Destiny Baccarat and its link to the superstitions of Chinese players.

Online Destiny Baccarat

Online Destiny Baccarat is not yet online but a similar game is Baccarat Squeeze.

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Some table games at Macau also offer guaranteed drop amounts. The operator also provides exclusive jackpots which offer a huge prize for a small amount and are therefore very popular with small staking players. Jackpots are available at different levels and the potential jackpots increase as players move through the hierarchy. The site displays the latest jackpots for the current jackpot games. All the multiple jackpots are available on a wide range of casino games. There is a guaranteed jackpot drop point which ranges from £88 to £888,888 which is a huge amount and potentially life-changing.

Casino Game Maker

Casino Game Maker is based in the Nevada city of Las Vegas, which is the home of gambling in the United States. All the major hotels are linked to casinos and these outlets often house a sports betting hall. Screens show sporting events from all around the world and the house accepts betting that is not allowed in other states. Casino Game Maker also has a subsidiary office in the neighbouring state of Utah. The company can be contacted by phone, email and postal address.

Casino Game Maker is the company behind what they call the next generation of gaming which is an electronic Baccarat device and Destiny Baccarat. The company have developed innovative gaming stations and modern concepts for the gaming industry. The company specialises in gaming solutions for land-based casinos. Their fields of expertise include platform design, compliance review, system integration and EGM manufacturing. One of their latest designs is Destiny Baccarat.

One of the major objectives of the organisation is to give design staff the scope to shape the casinos of the future. The management provides design staff with a proven game development platform that has helped in the Online Destiny Baccarat project. The design department has access to the latest design technologies, open source tools and the support required to bring ideas to fruition and on to the casino floor. The Casino Game Maker studio offers innovation to casino operators including a wide selection of games delivered at a reasonable cost.

The core business of Casino Game Maker is games design for the gaming industry and a new product in development is Destiny Baccarat. This concept has been developed in the company’s game development studio that features a rapid prototyping platform that is usable across a wide range of gaming devices. The platform was built on an architecture that is similar to the Flash platform. The gaming engine offers an easy to use design platform that accelerates the development of new concepts such as online Destiny Baccarat.

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Baccarat Gambling Rules

Baccarat is the basis for the concept of Destiny Baccarat that is in the process of production at Casino Game Maker. The Las Vegas-based gaming products design company have invested heavily in online Destiny Baccarat on the back of the global interest in the card game of Baccarat that is played in land-based and online casinos. It is also one of the few table games played in live casinos where real life dealers and croupiers interact with the players.

There are three popular versions of Baccarat: punto banco, chemin de fer and baccarat banque. Punto banco is a game totally based on luck because there is no skill and strategy required to play successfully. In the other two formats of the game players make choices so there is a skill element. The odds are in favour of the bank and the house edge is always at least one per cent. This might seem like a small percentage but betting turnover on Baccarat is huge.

What are basic baccarat gambling rules? Fundamentally Baccarat is a card game in which two hands are compared, the player’s and the banker’s. Baccarat players do not compete against each other. The objective is to create the highest score based on card values. In any game the player can win the hand, the banker can win the hand and there can be a tie. Baccarat was first played in France in the 19th century but is based on earlier games such as Macao, Oichi-Kabu and Gabo japgi.

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Hands are determined on the total value of each card and these values will apply with Online Destiny Baccarat. Cards from two to nine have a value of the number on the face, tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth zero points and aces are worth one point. The value of any hand is calculated using rightmost digit of the sum of the values. So a 2 and 3 is worth 5 but a 6 and 7 is worth 3 (i.e. the 3 of the total of 6 and 7 which is 13). The highest possible value in a hand of Baccarat is 9.

Cards are drawn in punto blanco based on specific rules which takes away any skill element. Players and the banker have no discretion on when a card is taken or not. The result of any hand is purely down to chance and this appeals to some gamblers who prefer not to make decisions but leave the outcome to good or bad fortune. This preference fits in with the superstition of Chinese players that Online Destiny Baccarat caters for in the online format. These rules are essential if you want to learn how to play baccarat like a pro.


Play live baccarat online with Destiny Baccarat

The Chinese gamblers are probably the most enthusiastic Baccarat players in the world. Baccarat players from China perform a ritual that involves praying for a good hand. There are various superstitions that are followed in order to get the best suit and number. There has been a dip in gaming revenues in China but in the past more than 91% of casino income in Macau was derived from Baccarat. Gamblers have visited Las Vegas from China in the past to play this version of the game based on luck.

As a result of this interest in the game developers have used resources to encourage Chinese gamblers to play Baccarat. Casino Game Maker have developed a format called Destiny Baccarat which is interactive and allows players to have some control during the game process.

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Andrej Surmacz, who represents Casino Game Maker, gave CalvinAyre some background to Online Destiny Baccarat:

This product is new and has been designed with an idea of letting the player being in charge of the game, the outcome of the games be solely determined by the so-called random-number generator. So the games comply with the Macau gaming market regulations, but we just introduced a couple of features of the game, all the games can be in English or Chinese. We have been in the business for three years, we focus primarily in United States and Macau casino market and the product which has the most interesting is the baccarat game and in general the table games.

In Destiny Baccarat the speed and volume of the game is determined by players pressing a button. Surmacz went on to explain the intricacies of Destiny Baccarat to CalvinAyre. He said:

So now we can choose a bet, let’s say that we bet 100 from the player, 100 from the player pair, and 100 on a side bet called Ox 6. What happens here is that the players are presented with eight cards. With the eight cards, the player chooses six and the player chooses the placement of those cards. The player can change the location – remove the card, bring this card back here. You confirm those cards and those cards are presented on the big screen and now the game starts. What is important about the baccarat is the trends. The player watch the trends.

At the time of writing there was no indication from Casino Game Player when the game would be online but in talking to the gaming Press the launch seems imminent. When Online Destiny Baccarat arrives on the market it will be well presented and promoted and can join the Casino Game Player stable of innovative and popular table games that are played in huge numbers by gamblers in the United States and China. The game will benefit from the expertise and experience of the Casino Game Player design department. The company is one of the leading suppliers of table games to the online casino industry.

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Baccarat Squeeze

A term closely related to baccarat gambling rules is baccarat squeeze. Many long-standing Baccarat players go through the Baccarat Squeeze Ritual. This adds superstition and interest to the game. This practice takes place in land-based casinos and online casinos. Squeezing is particularly popular in Macau where the game has a passionate following. Some players go as far as blowing their cards to get rid of bad numbers but this is mere ritual and blowing cards has no material effect on what is dealt and the quality of a hand. The objective in Baccarat is to create a hand that beats the banker’s hand.

In Baccarat Squeeze players receive cards face down so they are not visible. Squeezing the cards in real life gives the players a glimpse of their value without turning them totally. The cards becomes visible and players know if they are favourable or not. The card can be lifted from the bottom edge or tapped to rotate it on the long side. Cards can be shown from a different angle by squeezing from the corner. However, when a player squeezes a card in Baccarat the number should be revered so that not too much is revealed.

What is seen from the bottom edge of a card can indicate a great deal about the hand. There are a number of terms for what is seen when a card is squeezed:

  • Squeezing Paint
  • Squeezing an Ace
  • Squeezing a Point
  • Squeezing Legs
  • Two sides
  • Three sides
  • Four sides

These terms are derived from what is revealed and the quality of a hand when cards are squeezed. It does seem complicated but the outcomes are easy to understand. Players new to the game can refer to a table that is a guide to what can be seen with regards the value of the card. Destiny Baccarat will be online soon and provide the option to squeeze cards in line with the practice in land-based casinos.


Baccarat is the most popular Western-style casino table game for Chinese gamblers. Casino Game Maker is one of the most successful operators in developing gaming for the online gaming industry. Destiny Baccarat has been developed benefit from the Chinese liking for squeezing cards. Superstition has a big part to play in the mentality of gamblers from China so Destiny Baccarat meets a huge demand and should enjoy huge success in China and other parts of the world.

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